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Accommodation is reserved only to our students.

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Paris Langues knows that a good standard of accommodation is one of the conditions for a successful language visit. This is why we have set up a specialised service combining experience and efficiency, in order to offer different types of accommodation adapted to the budgets and wishes of each student.

Remove the pressure and choose from our 3 offers!

Fiap Jean Monnet

The most beautiful student residence in central Paris !

Residence Cité Universitaire

Address: 61 boulevard Jourdan – 75014 Paris – R.E.R. B « Cité Universitaire ».

Accommodation in a host family

Paris Langues offers to you to book a room in a host family during your stay at school. All the families are living in Paris and are selected with the greatest care.

Photo Exhibition

150 images of Paris captured by photographers from the famous Magnum agency on ...

Independant Filmfestival

ECU - The Independant Film Festival is back in Paris!