Thematic options

French thematic option classes in Paris

Live an unforgettable experience during your stay at school!

Paris Langues offers you diverse cultural activities to complete your French courses programme and immerse yourself in French culture.

You can choose between:

Cultural guided visits in Paris

Package of 3 guided visits per week (1 museum, 1 monument, 1 Parisian area)
From A2 level, available all year long.

  • PRICE PER WEEK: 35 €

A Cooking Master Class

Discover some tricks and knacks to cook French specialities like a “French Chef”! Students learn to cook French meals in a friendly atmosphere. All the kitchenware is supplied by our partner. Kitchens are located in Paris. Cooking and tasting on the same place.

From A2 level, available all year long.

2 afternoons lessons per week, each lesson = 2 hours. Total per week: 4 hours.

  • PRICE PER WEEK = 190 €

Oenology Workshop

“Make your own wine” workshop: Around the wine tank, discover the secrets of grape varieties and terroir. The first part is dedicated to the vinification, the different grape varieties, their history and their caracteristics. The second part is dedicated to tasting several single-varietal wines and blending them according to your taste. Put the cork in, stick the label on, seal your bottle with wax, and go home with your own wine!


Make up your program of cultural activities according to your desires and book it right now!

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