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Accommodation is reserved only to our students.

Free Services

Before arrival : each student receives a Student Book via email with information and advices before travelling to Paris (physical climate, banking, social life, French culture, etc.).

The first day at school, Paris Langues gives each student a folder, containing :

-         A map of the metro

-         A map showing the monuments of Paris

-         Schedule of activities

-         DVDs available

-         Info about Paris

-         A complaint form

-         An evaluation form to return to Paris Langues

During the stay at school :

-         Free and unlimited access to Internet

-         Wi-Fi

-         Free access to self-study resources

-         DVDs available

-         Info about Paris' activities of the month

Museums in the night

Visit museums of Paris in the night! Magical! In April 2014

Paris in the Belle Epoque

Paris in the Belle Epoque: 1900, the city show! Exhibition in the Petit Palais.!