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Accommodation is reserved only to our students.

Free Services

Before arrival : each student receives a Student Book via email with information and advices before travelling to Paris (physical climate, banking, social life, French culture, etc.).

The first day at school, Paris Langues gives each student a folder, containing :

-         A map of the metro

-         A map showing the monuments of Paris

-         Schedule of activities

-         DVDs available

-         Info about Paris

-         A complaint form

-         An evaluation form to return to Paris Langues

During the stay at school :

-         Free and unlimited access to Internet

-         Wi-Fi

-         Free access to self-study resources

-         DVDs available

-         Info about Paris' activities of the month

Fashion Exhibition

Fashion Exhibition focused on Jean-Paul Gaultier 's Couture in May 2015.

Versailles Musical Gardens

Discover the Versailles Musical Gardens with Paris Langues in June!