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What to do in Paris


Each month, Paris Langues is happy to recommend you new activities in Paris! There’s so much to do in the city of lights!

Here are our suggestions for the following months:


Exposition PHOTO "BRASSAI : POUR L'AMOUR DE PARIS"  until March 29th: the exhibition tells the exceptional story of a passion, the one who united during more than fifty years Brassaï the writer, the photographer, the film-maker, in places and hidden recesses of the capital but also in all those, the intellectuals, the artists, the big families, the prostitutes and the good-for-nothings, in brief to all those who make the legend of Paris.

COME ON, VOGUE, for all those who likes the parisian fashion!

From March 1st, the exhibition Papier Glacé gathers to the Palace Galliera a selection of 150 symbolic images which marked out the history of the fashion.



AH LE GAI PARIS !  From April 2nd, "Paris 1900", the city show will enchant you. This exhibition at the Petit Palais will make you discover Paris of the "Belle Epoque", with Toulouse-Lautrec, Degas and Rodin, Guimard, Méliès, Picasso, and also the fashion designers and the fashionable decorators.



MIAM MIAM !  It 's the Happy Hours of Paris: good mood, meetings and salty or sweetened "petites bouchées" (tapas) for 2€ . From Wednesday, 21 to Saturday, May 24th in all Paris.

La Nuit des Musées will take place this year on Saturday, May 17th. It will be the opportunity to discover your preferred museums in night-version. Exceptional!

Museums in the night

Visit museums of Paris in the night! Magical! In April 2014

Paris in the Belle Epoque

Paris in the Belle Epoque: 1900, the city show! Exhibition in the Petit Palais.!